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Hi, there! My name is Jo.
Thanks for visiting my special
background pages for WebTV'ers.
Computer users are welcome to use them
also. I guess you could say I have
jumped on the bandwagon and made
some corner and border backgrounds
for all of you to use in your e-mails
and postings.


[[ Instructions For Installing
and Using These Backgrounds ]]

[[ Page 2 ~ more right corner bgs ]]

[[ Page 3 ~ more right corner bgs ]]

[[ Page 4 ~ more right corner bgs ]]

[[ Page 5 ~ 2-Corner Backs ]]

[[ Page 6 ~ Border Backs ]]

[[ Halloween Corner Backs ]]

[[ Christmas Corner Backs ]]

[[ Betty Boop Corner Backs ]]

Morning Glories

Horn Of Plenty

Multicolored Lizard

Running Cheeta

A Flower Toast

3 Colored Stars

Deco Gal

Palm Tree

Red Macaw

Humming Bird

Pink Butterfly on Leaf

Flowers with Butterflies

Fish in Bowl
[best when used with a black bg, or try
dark dark blue #100010 or dark purple #330033]

Pretty Fish

Pretty Butterfly

Colorful Butterfly

Click To go to Page 2
and more Corner Backgrounds!

{Page 2 ~ more Corner Backs} {Page 3 ~ more Corner Backs} {Page 4 ~ more Corner Backs} {Page 5 ~ 2-Corner Backs} {Page 6 ~ Border Backs}
{My Other Free Graphics & Backgrounds}

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Thank You!

All images displayed herein belong to the persons who created them. I collected them from various free graphics collections on the internet with my Sony WebTV Plus. To my knowledge, all are legal for personal use.
If, however, I have unwittingly used your copyrighted image in this collection,
please let me know and it shall be removed
... or ... credit will be given.

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