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For the best results, use one of the codes below in your E-Mail sig box.

If you are a frequent NEWS GROUP POSTER, you will need to use the SECOND set of codes described on this page for CORNER & BORDERED BACKGROUNDS only. Backgrounds work differently in NG posts than in E-Mail.

Remember to replace the background URL with the URL of the background you choose. Get the URL of the BG you want by clicking on the image, and hitting "GO TO" and "SHOW LAST". The URL will be displayed in the window.

NOTE: Combo, Corner Image and Border Backgrounds aren't seen correctly while writing your message. You will NOT see the image when you are writing the letter, but rest assured, it will be there when the e-mail is opened. :-) So, send an E-Mail to yourself to see your work.

Also, you can choose your own text and bgcolor from the


<body background=" rc-mornglory.gif" bgcolor="aquamarine" text="plum4">
<table bgcolor="aquamarine" width="400">

Any additional images you add to your E-Mail should be placed before </body>.

Only use the simple codes above for CORNER & BORDERED BACKGROUNDS, if you are NOT a frequent poster in WEBTV NEWS GROUPS, and you are just using them for e-mails.

If you ARE a frequent poster to newsgroups, use the codes below.

<body background=" mornglory.gif" bgcolor="hotpink" text="plum4">
<table bgcolor="hotpink" width="400">
All addtional sig images or text goes HERE

</ body>

In other words, just be sure you use the same BGCOLOR for both the BODY and the TABLE. The second set of codes will work for BOTH e-mail and posting.


There is one thing I must ask of you. Tripod does not permit direct linking ... so ... please do NOT link these backgrounds to this site ... transload them to your own server.

The FreeLoader

If you have any questions or comments,
you may e-mail me.

Good Luck & Enjoy!


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