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Hi there! I see you found me here among my memories. :-) I am just starting this album of photos from our old home movies that have been transfered to video tape.
More to come as time permits.
~ Jo ~

The year is '1954' and this is me with #3 son, Rod.
At the time, we were temporarilly living in Georgia ~ We had just recently finished building a new home in Phoenix, Arizona (my native state) ~ and I could hardly wait to get back to my new house. My eldest son, Jim, was in 1st grade. Rick, son #2, was 18 months old, and Rod was 4 months old.
My fourth son, Rayce, would be along in a couple of years (of course, I didn't know that then) :-)
My hands were full!!!

Rod (pictured) is now a school principal ~ He recently received an award as "Utah Elementary Principal of the Year"! With the honor, came a $10,000 cash award!
Gee, who would have thought ... way back then! ~ :-).

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