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To get the URL ~ click on description ~ that will bring up the image for you to view ~ then hit 'options' key ~ then on on the 'goto' button ~ then 'go to page' and 'last show' buttons ~ then hit 'return' key. This will put the URL in the box. Then hold down the 'Cmd' and 'A' keys at the same time and that will highlight the URL in the box ... now release the 'A' key and hit the 'C' key while still holding down the 'Cmd' key. You now have the URL 'copied". Now you can go to the Transloader to download it to your site or to whereever you want to use the image and paste it in by holding down the 'Cmd' key and hitting the 'V' key at the same time. That should do it!

Now please hit the 'back' key on your keyboard to return to the
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